Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Leo, Timmy, Alex, Cody, Adam, Matt, Blaine, Sam
Verse: Canon, Future!Canon, SpiritsKeeper-verse
Genere: I have no idea
Rating: SAFE
Prompt: Riunione (as in meeting)
Note: Written for COW-T#12, M3
These drabbles are all written on the same prompt, but they have nothing to do with each other. They're all here because it was easier to post them like that.

Summary: Teeny tiny bits of verses. Enjoy them!

"It's time to tell him," Adam says.

"Absolutely not," Blaine shakes his head. "He is not ready."

"He will never be unless we push him," Adam points out. "We've been watching him long enough to know he doesn't do anything unless he's forced to."

"Good point," Matt says, his eyes closed as he listens to music that is only in his head.

"But he only does things he likes. What if we push him and he feels pressured and runs away?" Asks Cody in a mild panic. "I think we should wait. What do you think, Sam?"

"I think you should take this little meeting of yours elsewhere."

This has been going on for hours, she really is done with them all. They're hovering in restless circles over the table with the big quartz on top of it. It doesn't do anything – she can call the spirits without any aid – but it looks good and arcane-y enough when she occasionally do cards readings for extra cash.

"Where? This is the only place where we are powerful enough."

Samantha sighs. "I know, Blaine. I was just trying to express my frustration."

"No, but seriously, though," Adam sits his incorporeal ass on the table. "What do you think?"

She forces herself to sit up straight. "I don't know, guys. We can't call him here, he needs to enter the parlor alone," she shrugs. "Then, I can give him a nudge in the right direction but he has to do most of the work by himself."

"Then we're doomed," Adam nods with discouraging certainty.

"He will come, I promise," Sam says with another sigh. "I've seen it."

"But when?"

Sam shrugs, apologetically. That is one answer the cards are yet to give her.

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