Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Blaine, Leo
Genere: Romance
Avvisi: Slash, Future!Fic, Age Difference
Rating: PG
Prompt: Written for the fifth Notte Bianca @ Maridichallenge, prompt by mapi_littleowl: Tie a tie.
Note: Pre-drama Bleo, with lot of fluffy feelings.

Riassunto: Leo is trying to tie his tie and failing because he never wears them. Blaine is there to help him, with no sexual results for once.

"Look at you! You look gorgeous." Blaine's voice is low and filled both with pride and lust, something only he can manage. One moment he acts fatherly, the moment after he wants to eat you. Leo is so used to this that it doesn't even bother him anymore, and that says something.

"I'm not gorgeous," Leo says, trying to loosen the collar of this incredibly tight shirt he's wearing. He hates wearing suits. They're uncomfortable and he doesn't even look good in them. "I look like a penguin."

Blaine laughs and gets away from the door to join him in front of the mirror. He hugs him from behind and rests his head on Leo's shoulder. "You look like a beautiful young man. Finally, I would say. "

"You love the fact that I look younger than my age," Leo chuckles.

Blaine hugs him even closer and kisses his neck. "Yes, it's the best part, really," Blaine confesses, making a ridiculous sound of joy. "You're gonna be my personal Peter Pan forever. But that doesn't mean I don't like to look at you every once in a while and see you've grown up so beautifully. Suits suit you, if you allow me the alliteration. You were born to wear them because you're tall, slim and you have a great figure when you don't go aroun walking like a monkey."

Leo leans on him, never letting a chance to be cuddle pass by. "So you're saying that when I wear my jeans and t-shirt, I'm unbearable to look at?" He jokes.

"No, you're actually illegal to look at because you look like a kid but I know what's underneath those clothes and I want to nail you anyway," Blaine corrects him. "But you can't really wear jeans tonight."

"Why? I'm gonna stay in the backstage anyway," Leo says with a shrug. "Isn't it the place where technicians and people like that are? They don't wear suits."

Blaine lets him go and takes Leo's tie from his hands. "No, you're not gonna be in the backstage. I've had a seat reserved for you," he says. He doesn't look up at him as he puts the tie around his neck. He'd rather enjoy the feeling of Leo's surprised eyes on himself.

"In the crowd?" Leo asks as if to be sure. "Like, the real crowd?"

Blaine chuckles. "Yes, not the fake one," he mocks him. "You get to applaude winners, laugh at their bad jokes and even cry at their moving speeches if you feel like it. The whole package."

When Blaine has told him he won some minor prize and that there was going to be an award ceremony, Leo has asked him right away to be allowed to come. It's been surprising enough that Blaine has said yes, but being in the crowd? That's a huge thing.

"But... but I can't be in the crowd," he flails, panicking. "They don't know who I am and they could think things."

"Oh, I'm sure they will think things," Blaine nods, skilfully fixing the tie for him. "They always think all kind of things but they will never guess the truth, so who cares?"

Leo can't believe what he has just heard. "Aren't you afraid that something could happen and then your career... I mean," Leo blabbers. "Don't take me wrong, I wanna come. I just don't..."

Blaine helps him wear the jacket and then kisses him on his nose and then quickly on his lips. "Everything's gonna be fine and I'm allowed to bring with me whoever I want, even the son of my best friend and collegue Kurt Hummel, if I want to and the kid is interested in my job. And you are so interested in my job, especially some very specific kind of it. Am I right?"

Leo pushes him away. "You are an idiot," he chuckles.

"But you love me! And that probably makes you a little idiot too," Blaine says, gently dragging him out the room. "Now, let's be idiots together and go to this award ceremony, so I can pretend I don't know I won and you can pretend you didn't know either."

"I will pretendy very well."

"I count on you," Blaine slaps his ass. "Now get in the car."
As he closed the door he wonders if this is right. After all, Leo's presence will be looked upon and someone will wonder why he's even there. When he looks at him and he sees his happy smile, though, he doesn't care. Leo loves to be part of his real life, and tonight he's gonna be.
He just needs to make some good lies up, and that's not hard.
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