Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Leo, Blaine
Verse: Broken heart syndrome
Genere: -
Avvisi: Age difference, fluff
Rating: SAFE
Prompt: Written for the COW-T #8 (desert)
Note: -

Summary: Leo and Blaine are at Cairo, one of the first stops in their trip around the world.

“I hate the desert,” Leo declares, coming back into the bedroom after having spent almost an hour in the shower.

“Finally!” Blaine sighs softly, putting down the tablet on which he was trying to catch up with the latest disastrous news on American politics. “I was starting to worry.”

Leo frowns as he rubs his hair furiously with the towel. It is shorter now, but still a mess. “What are you talking about?”

“We've been in Cairo two days and you hadn't complained yet,” Blaine smirks. “I'm an old man, you know that I have my routines. You can't disrupt them like that.”

Leo throws him the wet towel, which Blaine promptly avoids. “You know you're annoying as hell, right?”

“I work hard to be this way,” Blaine chuckles, and then pats the bed next to him. “Come here, kid. What's wrong?”

Leo hesitates for a moment, wondering if it's better to keep pouting for a little longer or give up and just get cuddles now. He goes for the second option. Cuddles always win with him. He sits down next to Blaine and pulls his legs up, peeking for a moment at what's on the tablet's display, then he ignores it all together when he realizes it's politics. “I think it's the sand,” he says making a face. “It sticks to you and never goes away. I washed myself, like, three times. I guess this is it. This is my life now.”

Blaine laughs. “You're so dramatic! You don't look sandy at all to me.” He leaves a kiss on his shoulder, his lips lingering there a little. “No, not sandy at all.”

Leo looks at him and swallows, trying to decide what he wants to do again. Blaine always forces him to ask himself if he wants to do one thing instead of another. Like, if he wants to throw away an hour-long shower to have wild sex on this bed now or delay the moment until after dinner. It's a very hard choice because he's horny, but he's also hungry, two very strong feelings for him.

“I know what you're thinking and my answer is no,” Blaine chuckles, giving him another little kiss on his lips to soften the blow. "There are a lot of things to see and do in this city and we've barely left the room.”

The city of Cairo is one of the first stop of their journey around the world and Blaine is very excited about it. When he planned the trip, he imagined himself like one of those rich men that, at the turn of the century, came here and pay archaeologists and local workers to dig up ancient treasures, possibly unleashing some unforgivable curse.

It was a funny and exhilarating imaginary, and he thought Leo would have appreciated it too, especially because he's a big fan of mummies. But from the airport they came straight to the hotel, where Leo proceeded to lock him in their bedroom and force him to have sex with him for two days straight. Alright, maybe not exactly force him, but insisting for not leaving the room unless it was to go to the hammam downstairs, for which he discovered a sudden passion – almost naked men in a hot place, who would have thought?

“We went out for dinner yesterday,” Leo points out, demanding another kiss and taking it from him without permission.

“Technically, the restaurant is inside the hotel, so it doesn't count,” Blaine goes on. He kisses him on his nose and cheeks. “Come on, get dressed. We have a lot of things to see.”

“I have a better idea, let's stay inside and read Wikipedia.”

“You know you are impossible as hell, right?”

“I work hard to be this way,” Leo smirks, repeating his words.

Torn between spank him and kiss him, Blaine does both, pinning him down to the bed.
Another kiss, maybe another hundred. The pyramids will still be there in an hour, after all.

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