Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Blaine, Leonard, Timmy, OMC
Genere: Romantico, Commedia
Avvisi: Slash, Lemon, Future!Fic
Rating: NC17
Prompt: Written for the second (of four) White Nights of the Carnevale delle Lande.
Note: Again, Blaine, Leo... whatever. Nobody's gonna read this anyway.

Riassunto: Blaine forgets the two days notice before inviting someone over for dinner and Leo takes his revenge on him.

Leo has never been so mad at Blaine like he is now, and with their back history that says something.

A very important day of two years ago, after a very embarrassing chat with his then four years old son, Blaine decided Leo was going to be the one making meals for the family. Leo doesn't mind it at all, really. He likes to cook and actually prefers doing it himself instead of leaving Blaine alone in the kitchen, since the man can't cook an egg if his life depends on it.

But, there are limits and they have been widely passed by the call he's just received.

It's half past four in the afternoon – a time when all decisions for dinner must have been taken already – and Blaine calls him, casually informing him that they are going to have guests for dinner that same night. And not some old friend for whom he could have fixed something with leftovers, but a producer who wants to give Blaine the main role in this new Broadway production. Dorothy has sent him to Blaine, Blaine has invited him to dinner.

And guess who has to cook when the fridge is empty?

He is really good in the kitchen – you don't take cooking lessons from Kurt Hummel for nothing – but even he can't do wonders with nothing to work with. And Blaine should have known that he couldn't go to the shops when Timmy is sick. And as Leo is cutting onions to make a mirepoix for the veal chops, said feverish boy enters the kitchen, holding his plastic t-rex to his chest and forcefully rubbing his eye with the heel of his hand.

“Daddy?” He calls.

“He's not here, honey,” Leo says sweetly, cleaning his hands on his apron. When Timmy decided to start calling him dad too, Blaine immediately became daddy and everything fell into place inside the kid's head. “What are you doing up? You should be sleeping.”

The boy coughs badly, clumsily covering his mouth with his free hand. “I don't wanna be alone upstairs.”

Leo lets out a shameful sappy moan for which his friends would mock him forever. “How's the fever?” He asks, as he presses his hand against the child's forehead.

“My brain's boiling. I'm gonna die,” he answers, his voice expressionless like he's talking bout the weather or something.

Leo chuckles as he retrieves the thermometer from the kitchen drawers. “I don't think so. And you really should stop listening to your grandfather Kurt. You're too young to be overly dramatic.”

“What does it mean overl... ov-” He can't finish the sentence because he ends up sneezing and coughing at the same time, swinging back and fort like he's about to lose his balance.

Leo laughs a little and then picks him up. “Listen, why don't you go sit on the couch, so we can take your temperature?” He says.

“Can I watch a DVD?”

“Of course you can,” Leo agrees, leaving him on the couch with the thermometer under his arm. “Which one?”

“Kung Fu Panda!” The kid says, quite obviously since he hasn't watched anything else in the past two weeks and doesn't seem to be willing to watch anything else ever. Leo puts the DVD in the DVD player for him and then gives him the remote control and a blanket.

“I'll be in the kitchen if you need something.”

“I need something,” Timmy says, staring intently at the big remote in his tiny hands, looking for the triangle button his father taught him is the play button.

Leo stops mid-step and sighs, patiently. “What do you want?”

“Can I have apple juice and a muffin?”

“What do we say?”

Timmy presses the play button. “Please.”

“Right. I'll be right back.”


Almost four hours later, Leo can rightfully says he has superpowers. Or, more probably, he is slowly turning in one of those working mothers who can have a job, govern the house and have friends over, all that while having four or five children to take care of. That's why he really should check if he can fly or something. Superpowers are way cooler than motherhood.

After apple juice and a muffin, Timmy wanted some cookies, a banana, another DVD, to go to the bathroom, and he almost vomited on Blaine's 100.000 dollars Indian carpet that is now safe only because Leo had been more willing to take the vomit on himself than Blaine's complains later. Actually, he didn't really throw himself between the vomit and the carpet. He just screamed “Tim, don't!” and the kid turned towards him, that's all. But he prefers to think of himself as a hero.

Now, Timmy is soundly asleep, so Leo can finally tend to the dinner he has miraculously managed to make, despite hell breaking loose on him. And when the main door opens and Blaine calls out for him, he can come out of the kitchen knowing he has done enough to justify the high price his husband is going to pay for all this.

The producer's name is mister Bryant and he is way younger than Leo thought. He can't be more than forty and he has gorgeous blue eyes. That is probably why Blaine casts Leo a precautionary glance to which he just smirks.

The three men sit at the table which is already set with the finest tablecloth they own, that is the only one Timmy has not colored with pencils yet. Blaine is so surprised by Leo's hard work on this dinner that he is actually quite proud of him and he lets him know that by squeezing his hand, under the table. He asks about his son too and then explains to their guest that they have a son and that he has been sick for a week now, making the newlywed couple's picture even sappier.

Leo has made pasta, which mister Bryant highly appreciate because, as it turns out, he is remotely related to Italian people. The main course goes smoothly and, speaking about the upcoming play, the producer tells them that Blaine's audition will be a mere formality. Then he excuses himself to the bathroom and gives Leo the perfect moment he was waiting for.

As soon as mister Bryant is gone, Blaine turns to Leo and smiles. “Thank you. You are being wonderful, tonight.”

Leo smiles back. “Are you nervous? Mister Bryant is an important guest, isn't he?”

“Yes, he is.” Blaine leans in to kiss him sweetly. “But I think he is enjoying himself and so do I.”

“So, this means you don't want to feel awkward at all around him, am I right?”

Blaine frowns. “Am I missing something, kid?”

Leo smirks. “Oh yes, you are.”

Blaine frowns again, curiously. Leo doesn't use this tone of voice often, and surely never out of the bedroom. So he is quite amused when he feels his husband's naked foot moving against his leg. “Oh, are you kidding me?” He chuckles.

“Not even in the slightest,” Leo says ominously, as he slowly slips under the table.

“You are not doing this,” Blaine shakes his head, still smiling. “You are bluffing.”
But he is not. And Blaine understands that when mister Bryant comes back and Leo is still under the table, kneeling between his legs.

“Where is your lovely husband?” The producer says, sitting down again and placing his napkin over his legs.

Blaine clears his throat as Leo opens the zip of his pants and takes hold of his cock, freeing it from his underwear. “He is... in the bathroom,” he coughs again as he moves closer to the table.

“But I come from there.”

“We have two,” Blaine nods quickly and quite ridiculously. Leo is stroking him slowly from the base to the head. The kid knows him well enough to know that this is the best way to make him last longer, so Blaine doesn't even dare to hope that it's gonna be quick. He gulps and tries to control himself, pointing one of the trays to mister Bryant. “Please, help yourself.”

“Aren't we waiting for Leonard?” The man asks, surprised.

Blaine moves his hand nonchalantly. “Don't worry, my husband doesn't eat meat,” he says, loud and clear, and his tone is so menacing that mister Bryant feels compelled to comply. “It disgusts him.”

Under the table, Leo smiles and brushes his lips over the head of Blaine's cock.
Blaine has barely the time to get used to the unusual feeling of Leo's mouth between his legs that it closes around the head, sucking slightly. Blaine's hips jerk forward and he almost slams against the table, making the glasses tinkle.

“Is everything alright, Blaine?” Mister Bryant asks, worried.

“Yes!” Blaine shouts, maybe too loud as Leo decides he has teased him enough and can now take it deeper in his mouth, showing skills he has never ever wanted to reveal before.

The producer looks at him suspiciously. Also, Blaine is bending over the table and looks like he has stomachache or something, except that his moans now and then don't sound of pain at all. “Are you sure? You look flushed and... awkward.”

“I'm fine, really. Don't worry.” Blaine closes his eyes and holds his head in his hands for a moment, pretending Leo is not taking it in to the base. He tries hard not to acknowledge the fact that his cock is currently disappearing in his husband's mouth like it has rarely done in the past and fails, whining miserably.

Mister Bryant is really worried for him now. “Is it the head?”

“It's everything,” Blaine sighs, desperately. Keeping his eyes closed, he gives up and moves his hips a little to get what little relief he can have in this situation. Another moan escapes his lips as he feels himself sliding over Leo's wet tongue.

“Oh, come on, now!” Bryant says as he would to a child who's being excessively whiny over nothing. He chuckles and cleans his hands on a napkin. “It can't be that bad.”

“You have no idea,” Blaine rasps out. Leo's head is moving faster and faster on him and whatever control Blaine still has on himself is about to vanish over his husband's tongue working his length, so precisely to be a new kind of torture.

He knows why Leo is doing this and he must admit the kid is smart. And also, really evil. Whatever triggered this need for revenge – and Blaine can just assume it has been him not forewarning his lovely husband early enough about this dinner – Leo is finally paying him back for what he did to him in that restaurant in Italy.

It was more than five years ago. Surely the kid can bear a grudge.

Leo withdraws from a moment to catch his breath and gives Blaine four long strokes. He knows his husband is close to his climax by the way he's shivering under his hands. So, when he takes Blaine's cock in his mouth again, he knows it won't take him much longer.

“Although I must say I surely appreciate your ability to be so overly dramatic,” Bryant says laughing a little nervously at what's clearly an excessive display of pain for an headache or a stomachache by Blaine's side, “is there something I can do for you? Maybe some medication I can retrieve?”

This is the chance Blaine was waiting for.

“I don't want to... “ He cringes, jerking forward again as Leo uses his tongue and hands together. “...bother you.”

“Not at all. It makes me feel bad seeing you in such pain,” the producer says. “Just tell me what you need and where to find it.”

Blaine tries to focus enough to speak to the man, instead of giving up and just thrust in Leo's mouth as he is so eager to do. “My head's pills. In the bathroom's drawer,” he whines. There are no head's pill in the bathroom, nor any other pills for that matter. Bryant can search forever. This should give Blaine enough time to get himself together again, with or without doing what Leo hates the most, he still has to decided.

It seems to take mister Bryant ages to stand up and head to the bathroom but eventually he disappears around the corner and as soon as he does, Blaine just reaches down to pass his fingers through Leo's hair as he thrusts a couple of times more, this time free to move as he pleases.

Leo was expecting that, so he doesn't freak out at all. In fact, he welcomes his thrusts as best as he can and, surprisingly enough for Blaine who was ready to feel him withdraw eventually and wasn't going to let him, he doesn't move.

The sound of him swallowing manages to make Blaine blush as he hasn't done in ages.

Blaine allows him just the time to catch his breath and then gets himself ready to let him know how mad he is at him for jeopardizing his business relationship with mister Bryant, but when he lifts the tablecloth to scream at him, Leo is there, ready to lick him clean in front of his eyes. And Blaine just melts.

“You're evil,” he says, unable to look away.

Leo looks up and licks the corner of his mouth like a cat. “I know,” he smirks. He keeps cleaning both of them until he's satisfied enough. “Have you learned to advise me appropriately early enough when you have guests over?”

Blaine smirks. “I don't know. I probably loved the punishment more than the lesson,” he says, thrusting his hips forward to bump it on Leo's lips.

Leo makes a face and moves it away with his hand, but he chuckles. “Idiot. Put the thing away.”

“It's your fault, not mine,” Blaine smirks, then he offers his hand to help him out from under the table. “Now, come out from there, he's gonna be back soon.”

When mister Bryant comes back, he looks mortified. “I'm sorry Blaine, I couldn't find your pills.”

Blaine turns to Leo, now sitting composedly next to him. “Don't worry Clarence, it's okay. Leo took care of it and I'm sure I'll find a way to thank him later.”

That sounds dangerous, but Leo shivers.
He has never been more excited to be threatened like that.

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