Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Leo, Blaine
Verse: Broken heart syndrome
Genere: -
Avvisi: Underage
Rating: NSFW
Prompt: Written for the COW-T #8 (no prompt, NSFW)
Note: -

Summary: Blaine shows up in Lima unannounced and strangely unshaven. Leo knows something is up, but whatever happened, it'll have to wait until they have had steamy sex in Blaine's car.

Sex in the car was not one of his favorite kinks, but it was high enough on his list of preferences that he was more than happy to seize the opportunity of trying the experience first hand when Blaine proved himself strangely open to the idea. After years spent watching tons of porn with people banging in their cars, Leo's expectations were pretty high, but the whole thing is turning out to be very disappointing.

The gear stick is digging into his thigh, making it difficult to enjoy the leather seats, which are indeed comfortable when you happen to sit on them during a road trip – they went up to Indianapolis with the Audi three months ago. A three hours ride and it felt like being on the couch the whole time – but they are not exactly designed for sex. And this is simply preposterous for a $110,000 car, if they ask him.

Every time he moves, he either hits his elbow against the window, his ass against the steering wheel or his knee against someplace he can't identify but that is hard enough to cause him pain. And despite the heating system being on, the car is extremely cold, because it's still November outside and frostbite doesn't care about sex at all. He whines when his right foot gets stuck in the door, but he doesn't stop kissing Blaine, who seems very into it today. Leo is not going to stop the man when he's so in the mood. He just wants to undress without either catch pneumonia or hurt himself. It's not too much to ask, is it?

“You're restless,” Blaine's voice is low and rough as Leo has heard it a hundreds time in the middle of the night, waking him up from slumber for a second round. It makes Leo shudder. Blaine's fingertips find their way under Leo's shirt and follows that shiver along his spine unknowingly. “What's wrong?”

“Nothing.” There's something unusual going on here, starting from Blaine calling out of nowhere to tell him he's coming to visit, to him stopping the car in a remote area to have sex with him, and he doesn't want to ruin the moment by saying the wrong thing.

“Liar,” Blaine chuckles, biting at his chin. Leo knows he didn't shave because the skin of his cheek is unusually scratchy. There has been something missing in him since he came to pick him up at school, and now he knows what it is: the scent of his aftershave.

Leo can't ever really lie to Blaine. Not that he doesn't try sometimes – when he has to say something he's embarrassed to say, for example – but it's pointless anyway because Blaine reads him as if he had his thoughts just written all over his face. It always shocks him the way Blaine understands everything about him. It's what makes him angry and what attracts him the most about him. That and his stupid good looking face. “This car is a trap,” he murmurs.

“Said the jailbait,” Blaine chuckles again. He chuckles a lot today. “It's one of the most expensive car on the market and it's not to your satisfaction?”

“It's beautiful, I guess,” he says hesitantly. He knows nothing about cars and he doesn't even care about them. “It's just not comfortable.”

But he wants to make clear that this is not a good reason to stop making out, so he kisses him, the way Blaine thought him to kiss him, without fear of making it messy. He explores Blaine's mouth with his tongue without hesitation, letting him suck on it, biting down on his lips, letting himself go in that kiss as if there was nothing else to do. He knows kids his age don't kiss like this, and he's proud of it.

The reward is Blaine's hands on him, pulling at his shirt and taking it off him easily with the experience of someone who's been having sex in a car his whole life, which probably is true. “Alright, let's see if we can make you happy, then. Go in the back.”

Blaine nods towards the backseats. It's just the tiniest movement of his chin, and yet Leo is instantly ready to move, his body tingling at the idea of what is about to come. It happens all the time and he doesn't now how that's possible, but Blaine can become irresistible to him with the slightest change in his posture or the way he looks at something – not necessarily Leo. Sometimes he's just sitting on the couch and he says his name in a different way, and Leo just can't think clear anymore. Blaine is already all he sees at this point, but in those occasions the rest of the world completely disappears. It's a scary power to feel at work on himself, and yet it is incredible exciting.

Leo sits on the back and expects Blaine to get out of the car and get back in from behind, but Blaine just passes between the two front seats as he just did, and it looks like being so much bigger than Leo gives him no problem moving inside the car. Blaine pushes him down on the seats, and suddenly there's all the space they need.

Blaine's body is solid under his fingers. And it's so different from his own, which is all skinny limbs and rounded belly. He can feel his taut abs and the firm, almost threatening bulge in his pants. It's embarrassing, but Leo parts his legs almost automatically. He's dying to feel his cock pressing down on him. He knows how it feels and yet memory is never good enough. He should know since he jerks off to it every night.

Blaine laughs. “Are you that excited already?”

Leo feels the familiar pang of embarrassment and he would really like to pout, but he's been teased enough – twenty minutes top, but that's enough for a sixteen years old – and he just wants to have sex at this point, so he nods desperately, which makes Blaine laugh even more. “Can you just...?”

“Can I just what?” Blaine encourages him softly as, sprawled between his legs, he draws a path of wet kisses on his stomach. “Talk to me, kid. Let me hear your voice. What do you want?”

It's still very hard for him to let out the words Blaine wants to hear, but he's getting way better than he was when Blaine started to ask him to speak. Besides, now he knows very well that talking to him and expressing his desires always lead to the nicest things. “Take off my pants,” he whispers. “I want you to touch me.”

When Blaine look up from his tummy, his eyes are alight and way more golden than usual. Leo lets out a little whine and reaches up to cover his face with both his hands, but Blaine stops him. “Look at me,” he says.

“There's too much light,” he protests. He's not ready to look at them while they're having sex, no matter how much Blaine insists. “And we're outside.”

Blaine smiles. “That is why you should look at me.”

Leo realizes that watching him helps him forget the fact that they're not in the safety of their room at the hotel anymore, a tiny detail that he was ignoring while they were just kissing, but that was starting to be an issue now that they're about to do more. He focuses on Blaine, on the way he pulls at his pants and underpants and takes them off easily and without the slightest hesitation.

Blaine always undresses him as if he had never done anything else in his life. As if it was his divine right to dispose of his clothes. Or of him, for that matter.

He slowly strokes his thighs, even though Leo doesn't really understand what's there to touch, they are just legs. Blaine makes him spread them more, forcing him to hook one of his legs on the backseat. Leo feels like dying at being so exposed – his cock hard and ready and totally embarrassing because of that – and yet he wouldn't want anything else in the world right now. It's so confusing to be so ashamed and wanting at the same time.

Blaine's lips around his shaft are wet and incredibly warm. A million blow-jobs after the first one and Leo still jerks up the moment Blaine puts it in his mouth. The first moment it's always too much – too warm, too wet, too obscene, too strong the way he sucks at it – and then Blaine's hands firmly on his hips anchor him back to the ground. His thumbs drawing circles and circles on his skin calm him down, and he gets used to the rhythm of his mouth.

He closes his eyes for a moment but Blaine's fingers dig deep into his skin, so he opens them again and watches him as he sucks the tip first, his tongue pressing it down and making him want to scream. Then he licks at his length in long, slow strokes, staring back at him the whole time. And when Leo thinks he's going to continue that way forever, he swallows him whole, and Leo hits the back of his throat and he actually screams. “This way I'm gonna come!” He moans, helplessly.

But Blaine always knows when he can hold on a little longer, even when he himself doesn't, and in fact it doesn't happen. Blaine slows down tho, and then he backs off, letting Leo's cock slide off his mouth naturally. “You're beautiful,” he says. And Leo blushes.

As he unbuttons the pants of his suit, Blaine says, “Touch me,” and Leo wonders if it will ever come a time when he won't have to tell him. He closes his hand around Blaine's cock and feels its shape under the fingertips. He hasn't seen many in his life, but he's sure he will recognize this even if he was blindfolded. He strokes it and squeezes it, proud of the low moans coming out of Blaine's mouth.

Blaine moves him around, searches his opening and plays with it. He thrusts his fingers inside until Leo relaxes and his body opens for him on its own accord. “Turn around, kid,” his voice is even lower now, he's struggling to keep himself under control. “I want you so much.”

At this point they would talk a lot. For him it's a way to be less embarrassed, Blaine just talks because he likes the sound of his own voice and he also uses it a lot because he knows Leo likes to hear it. But he's not talking now, so Leo keeps quiet too, and that's how he realizes that something really happened. He just doesn't know if it's something good or bad, yet.

Blaine moves Leo's leg forward and makes room for himself on the seats. Leo feels him hot against his ass, feels his body pressed gently against his own as he enters him, slowly but steady, pulling him close to himself. Leo holds on tight on the back of the seats, the other arm tensed to keep himself up. The position feels weird, but it lets Blaine thrusts harder. He keeps Leo still with both his hands as he moves inside him, forcing him to open up to him, to take him in, to welcome him.

“You feel so good,” Blaine whispers in his ear. There's an urgency in his words and in the way he moves that has never been there before. He holds him strongly, but he doesn't feel strong at all. Leo has never seen him like that and he feels like he should do something or say something, but he doesn't know what, so he touches him because that's what Blaine does with him when Leo is sad or upset. He reaches behind himself and places a hand on his hip. He feels the muscles under his skin shift as he thrusts harder and harder and harder.

“God, I love you so much.” Blaine takes him in his hand and jerks him off, so he's not left behind. Leo doesn't know how he does it, but Blaine moves inside of him the same way he moves his hand, and for a moment Leo doesn't understand what's happening, he only knows it's good. “Come for me, kid. Come.”

Leo closes his eyes, and it's all white behind them for a while until he comes and light explodes. Blaine keeps thrusting, rides his orgasm, waits for him to be back down on earth too before coming, so Leo can be completely aware of it as he likes to.

Leo lets himself go on the seats and Blaine is ready to wrap him in a hug, knowing that in a moment – here he goes, turning around in his arms – Leo will hide his face in his neck. “What happened?” Leo asks softly.


“Something's off,” Leo goes on. “I just want to know if it's good or not.”

Blaine smiles and kisses his head. “Now it is.”

Leo whines, but he doesn't move. He likes to press his nose against his neck, Blaine's smell is so strong there. And it's good, even without the aftershave. “You didn't answer. I hate when you don't answer.”

Blaine sighs. “Alright, since you're a nosy brat, I will tell you,” he concedes, but he sounds so relaxed now that Leo feels calmer too and he doesn't get angry. “There was a part I really wanted. I nailed all the auditions, all three of them. It was practically mine already.”

“So what happened?”

“A twenty-something twat came along and they thought, and I quote, he could give something unexpected to the play,” he explains. “But it's only a nicer way to say that they wanted a younger actor. There's nothing unexpected he could give to that play, believe me, except forgetting his lines or completely messing up the delivery of those lines which, by the way, I've seen him do.”

Leo makes a face. In his eyes, there's nothing better than this man hugging him close in the back of his car, and he doesn't like when other people don't agree with him. “They don't deserve you,” he says softly and a little sleepy perhaps.

Blaine kisses his cheek, and Leo feels him smile.

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