Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Blaine, Leo, Adam, Annie
Verse: Broken heart syndrome
Genere: Introspettivo, Romantico
Avvisi: Slash, Underage, Angst, Future!Fic
Rating: R
Note: -
Prompt: Written for the first badwrong week @ maridichallenge (Underage, age difference, shota).

Riassunto: Blaine dares to come visit Leo in Lima just for a few hours, knowing that he won't have any free time for weeks after that. Leo gets upset, starts sulking and gives him the silence treatment. So Blaine needs to go there and fix whatever is wrong.

Blaine is always very responsible in his everyday life, except when it comes to Leo.
It's not like he does things he should not – at least not in public – but he surely pushes his luck and stretches the boundaries of common sense as much as he can in dealing with the kid. His friend Sam – who has never seen Leo but already know enough about him to know him by heart – says that there's a switch in Blaine's brain. It usually works properly but sometimes the thought of Leo makes it go off, and everything becomes possible.

Today is one of those days. Actually, said switch had been threatening to go off the whole week, and it was only a matter of time before Blaine gave up to the urge of seeing him again. That's what happens when they fight, or whatever they do that is close to fight. Usually, it goes like this. Blaine says something Leo doesn't like – and that's easy, because Leo doesn't like a lot of things Blaine says, especially when it's about having to leave or not coming the next week end because he has to work – and Leo pouts.

Since the kid turned sixteen two months ago and he has been in a relationship with a thirty-five years old man for more than a year now, one would expect him to be mature enough to understand that Blaine can't leave his job to be with him whenever he wants, that he has a life like everybody else. But this is not the case. Leo is not stupid. He intellectually understands that Blaine has a job to go to, a house to tend to and friends and family who need to see him every now and then, he just doesn't seem to be able to let him go, no matter if it is just for a short period of time. Of course, Leo can live without him. He too has friends, family and school to think about. It's not like he curls up, withers and die when Blaine's not a round for a week. It's just the moment of parting that he doesn't like, when he sees Blaine's car disappear behind the corner. It makes him sad and scared for some reason. And since his way of dealing with sadness and fear is to get angry, he gets mad preemptively as soon as Blaine says he has to go. He doesn't even wait the moment of goodbyes anymore.

Blaine knows Leo has some serious abandonment issues. He easily feels betrayed and left behind, he's clingy and has no idea whatsoever how to deal with his own feelings, so Blaine tries to be patient, supportive and reassuring. He often indulges him when he thinks that's what he needs, he coaxes him into let him go, but sometimes he just can't. Sometimes he really has no time to ease him into the idea of being left, and that wreaks havoc.

Two weeks ago he surprised Leo by coming over to Lima on a Monday, knowing that two really busy weeks were ahead of him. He just wanted to make sure that he felt loved, even if fifteen days were going to pass by without they seeing each other at all. So, he planned the most romantic date he could have in a hotel room with a kid Leo's age. The idea was doing something nice for him in preparation for these two weeks that he knew were going to be hard on Leo.

He just forgot to tell him he wasn't gonna stay the night.

To be fair, Blaine had thought it was obvious since the date was clearly a surprise, that it was a school night and everything, but apparently it wasn't. They had a nice dinner fast food based – Leo's favorite – silly chatting and what they just call cuddles but it's actually plain sex. Everything was perfect until he said he was going. Leo paled, his eyes became instantly big and hurt and the whole date was ruined. Blaine tried to explain, but it was useless at that point. Leo's brain shut down and he just refused to understand anything at all. He was enraged when he left, and Blaine was too tired and disappointed to do anything about it.

Five whole days passed without Leo texting or calling, which was a stunning record for him. Then Blaine gave up and decided to be the mature one – which he is, after all – and sent him a text, that received no answer, like the three that followed and the one call he managed between rehearsals that was outrageously refused. After that, Blaine grew restless and worried, shamefully so to be a fully grown up man.

What if the kid was not just sulking, but really mad at him? What if Blaine thought that going to visit him for just the evening was a perfectly reasonable idea but Leo was not equipped to deal with it like, in fact, he wasn't equipped to deal with anything? And underneath all these layers of paranoia, there was his own desire to see him again, no matter how angry he was at Leo's tantrum the last time.

That's why he drove all the way down to Lima, and now he's parked in front of Leo's high school, waiting for him to get out.
Leo is one of those kids who doesn't hate school, but he's not willing to attend it one minute more than it's necessary. So, as Blaine was expecting, Leo is out of the building five minutes after the bell rang; basically the time it took him to tow his two best friends out of their respective classrooms.
As they start walking down the street, Blaine starts the engine and follow them, slowly driving along the sidewalk.

It takes them five whole minutes to notice him, and they do only because he eventually leans over and turns down the window. The faint music coming from inside the car and the buzzing of the window finally catch their attention.

The way they turn around at the same time like three kitten makes them look extremely cute, even Adam whose expression instantly becomes dangerous and threatening. Leo's surprise doesn't go unnoticed by Blaine, even though it lasts two seconds tops before becoming an angry pout. Blaine gives him a flashing smile as he pushes his sunglasses down his nose to look at him. “Need a lift?” He asks.

“Are you kidding me?” The tone in Adam's voice manages to be both incredulous and incredibly annoyed. Blaine knows he is torn between hating him and loving his car. “Do you realize how this looks like? You're picking up kids in front of an high school!”

Blaine never questions himself about such things and several others that come with them. He knows exactly how it looks like, but it most certainly isn't like that, so why even consider the question? He keeps smiling. “First of all, I'm not here picking up kids, just one. Secondly, I wouldn't need to stay here any longer if you let him answer my question.”

Leo doesn't answer his question, he asks his own instead. “What are you doing here?”

“Visiting you,” Blaine says. He doesn't lose his smile. He knows Leo just wants to make things hard for him. To Leo giving up too soon means lose the argument, instead of letting it go, as if this were a challenge or something. He must give you the impression that he granted you his forgiveness or something. Sometimes Blaine really hates to have a teenage boyfriend because it totally looks like having a kid.

“I thought you had to work,” Leo says, crossing his arms to his chest. “How many hours have you decided to spare?”

Leo thinks he looks very stern and grim right now, but he's only just a pouting kid and Blaine is really struggling not to laugh in his face. “Why don't you get in the car, so we can talk?” He asks, instead. “At least I deserve a chance to explain myself, don't you think?”

For a long time Leo seems to consider the offer. Then, he sighs. “Fine,” he mumbles, indolently opening the door and stumbling inside.

One second after comes Adam's predictable croak. “What? You're not really going, aren't you?” He says, shocked. And then turns to Annie, next to him. “He's not really going.”

“I think he is,” she says, with an amused smile on her lips. Blaine likes Annie very much because she doesn't automatically think he is a bad person whatever he does. It's comforting.

“We can't let him do that,” Adam says, outraged. “Leo, you can't go with him. You are mad at him.”

Since Adam is the only person in the whole world Leo is willing to be reasonable with, he sighs and spends a little of his time to explain. “I know I'm mad at him, Adam. I just want to know what he has to say.”

“Then he can call you, while you are in a safe and controlled environment,” Adam protests. “Not in a filthy hotel room where he can put his hands on you!”

“The room is a suite in a five stars hotel,” Blaine points out, just to be clear. “And I'm not taking him there if he doesn't want to.”

“Don't worry, Adam. Everything's fine.” Leo closes the door before Adam can snatch him out of the car. “I'll call you later.”

As soon as Blaine starts the car, Leo changes radio station and rests his feet on the dashboard. “Put your feet down, please,” Blaine says as gently as he can.

Leo snorts. “You sound like my father.”

“Then your father is a much more sensible person than I thought,” he says, then he sighs. This is exactly how he didn't want to start this conversation. “Are you really still angry at me?”

“What do you think?”

Blaine sighs as he idly drives around the city. “I'd hope you are not, but I see you are,” he answers. “And frankly I don't know how you manage. Isn't it tiring?”

Leo frowns, and it's so totally clear he doesn't get what Blaine is saying that Blaine feels all the weight of the twenty years between them. “It's not a matter of tiredness. You did something I didn't like, and I'm angry. I can't stop being mad at you just because it takes energy.”

“Actually, you could,” Blaine comments, and Leo glares at him. “I'm just saying that we have worse problems than this one.”

Leo blinks, his arms still crossed. “So, now we have problems?”

“I didn't say that.”

“Yes, you just did. You said we have worse problems than this!” Leo insists. “What problems do we have?”

“That I'm thirty-six and you're sixteen, therefore I can't take you anywhere in public? That your parents threaten to report me to the police at any given moment? That I risk my career every time I come here to visit you because someone could take a photo of us together?” He retorts, irritated. “These are real problems, Leo. Not me visiting you for a few hours – because it's the only free time I have in two weeks – instead of a week like you demanded.”

Rage has clear effects on Leo's body. You can see it coming seconds before he speaks. In fact, his whole body tenses, his lips become a straight line and his eyes get instantly lucid, because he is always very prone to tears – of sadness or anger, it doesn't matter. Crying is his ultimate outlet. “So now I am the problem because I'm sixteen,” he mumbles. “Of course I am. When am I not wrong or a problem for you?”

Blaine closes his eyes for a second and takes a deep breath. It's either calm down or slap him. “You should really stop taking only what you need out of what I say, because it's really annoying,” he says, his voice barely hiding his irritation. “You are not a problem, but your age is. I hope you agree on that, at least.”

“Yeah,” Leo shrugs, stubbornly looking out of the window.

“Good,” Blaine nods. “Now you will agree that this is a much worse problem then me planning a shorter date than you expected, am I right?”

Leo doesn't answer to that and Blaine would like to grab him by the shoulders and shake him. He's usually very patient, but this attitude makes him mad. He decides he can't keep driving around without a destination, especially when Lima is not exactly a big city and they're passing by the same streets over and over. So he goes towards the hotel and parks nearby, close enough to see the building but not for the boy to come and ask for the keys to take care of the car.

“Leo, would you please stop doing that?” He asks, turning off the engine and resting against the seat.

“I'm not doing anything.”

“Exactly,” Blaine says. “I get you're angry, but sulking won't get you anywhere. Why don't we try to talk this out, instead? That'd be the mature thing to do, in case you're wondering.”

Leo rolls his eyes and then looks at him, annoyed. “What do you want me to say?” He blurts out. “You know why I'm angry, but apparently I've no right to be, so that's it. I got it.”

Blaine unbuckles his seat belt and turns to him. “No, you don't. You just want me to drop it and leave you alone, so you can keep sulking and telling yourself I'm mean and I don't love you.”

“That's not what I tell myself,” Leo protests, looking away.

“Then what?”

Leo's anger has a well established pattern. Something happens. He gets really mad. He sulks and doesn't forget to let you know how badly you wronged him by giving you either the silence treatment or a passive-aggressive attitude, where you ask him things and he answers in the most annoying way ever. By that time, you have already lost your patience, so you face him. That's when he realizes that he's not really angry. He got angry at first – because that's his first reaction to everything he wasn't expecting – but then he just needed to talk about it. But not just once, several times, until he feels that letting go doesn't mean him totally losing the argument. Leo's anger has to burn out or it doesn't go away. Blaine knows this very well, but he falls for it every time.

By the way Leo sighs and looks at him, with no rage in his eyes for the first time since Blaine got to Lima, his rage must have finally been spent. “I just don't like when you come and go,” he says with another tired sigh. “It doesn't feel right and it makes me feel bad.”

“You know I can't move to Lima.”

Leo nods. “I'm not saying that,” he says, even though both know Leo wants exactly that. “I just don't like when you come here for a couple of hours, we lock ourselves in your room and then you're gone again. It doesn't feel like... we're together.”

Blaine starts to understand where this is going. He sighs and dares to reach out and stroke his hair. Leo doesn't back off. Actually, he leans into his touch, relaxing a bit. “You know I don't come here just to have sex with you, right?” He asks. “It happens, and I love that it does. But I don't come to visit just for that.”

Leo nods again. Intellectually, he knows that. He has never thought Blaine came to Lima just to fuck him, but he can't stop the feeling of wrongness every time all they have time to do is having sex. He wouldn't go as far as to say that he feels dirty or anything, but he feels weird nonetheless. “Listen, I know you're not like that, okay? If I did, I wouldn't want you around anymore,” he says with a little smile. Blaine remembers when Leo thought he wanted to be fuckbuddies one year ago and chuckles. The kid had never been really good at that. “But I can't shake the feeling that there should be something else, or that it should go differently.”

“Well, it definitely should go differently,” Blaine agrees, “starting with your age and the way we got together in the first place. But all considering, it could be worse. We're doing all we can, kid.”

“Are we?” He asks, arching an eyebrow.

Blaine chuckles and prays all the Gods he knows they have not been followed when he signs Leo to come to him. He doesn't look around first only because that would ruin the gesture. Leo scrambles towards his seat, sitting on his lap, and instantly buries his face in Blaine's neck. Cuddle-mode instantly engaged. Fights tire him too, after all. “I come here every time I can, especially when I know that, if I don't, I won't see you for weeks,” he explains, leaving a tender kiss on his neck. “I know a few hours are not the best, but it's better than nothing. Would you prefer me to come only if I have a free week? I can do that, if you think it would make you feel better.”
Leo thinks it over for a moment. Having him only for long periods of time would be good, but Blaine doesn't have many free weeks at a time. He usually comes for the week ends, which means he would come to Lima something like once every two months or so. “No, I don't think I want that.”

“So?” Blaine smiles, giving him another little kiss.

Leo rarely says that he is sorry or that he is wrong – Blaine thinks those words just can't get past the barrier of his tongue and teeth –, actually he rarely says what he feels, but by the way he hugs him, Blaine knows, at least, that he understands now. Leo needs things Blaine can't give him yet, and he can't live only with the things Blaine manages to give him. It's not easy to adjust to something like that when you're sixteen, without thinking you're being misused. But Leo is doing what he can, and Blaine can't really be mad at him if sometimes he just acts like a kid, because he is.

“How long are you gonna stay this time?” Leo asks, his lips brushing his neck.

“A couple of days,” he sighs. He doesn't know what he expects. To feel him tense anyway. Or a sad whine. But Leo just hugs him tightly.

“Can we have junk food again and start that thing over?” He asks, his voice muffled.
Blaine smiles, ignoring that little voice inside telling him there's still something wrong in the way Leo gave up. But yes, they surely can. Starting over until it works seems a good plan, after all.

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