Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Blaine, Leonard
Genere: Romantico
Avvisi: Slash, Underage, Future!Fic
Rating: PG 15
Prompt: Written for the first (of four) White Nights of the Carnevale delle Lande.
Note: Again, Blaine, Leo... whatever. Nobody's gonna read this anyway.

Riassunto: “I want a date. A real one, though. Don't even think of taking me to McDonalds. I don't wanna end up surrounded by screaming kids and depressed mothers!”

Leo is sitting on one of the leather armchairs in Blaine's hotel room in Lima and he is pouting. It's easy to say when he is because he sits with his legs and arms crossed instead of slouching on it upside down or worse. His lips are curled and he strongly breathes from his nose every now and then, pretending he doesn't care about anyone around him while waiting to be asked what's wrong. Also, he is actually studying on his math book instead of looking at the same page over and over without even knowing what's on it.

Blaine let him come early today, but he had to rehearse. So, he hasn't had the time to take care of him, yet. After greeting him on the door with the most passionate and risky kiss a man of his age could give a boy Leo's age, he left him alone to his derivatives finding. Therefore, the pouting.

Leo doesn't like to be ignored in general, let alone by him. As soon as Blaine turns his attention to something else even for a second, something switches in the kid's mind. He turns moody and gets offended, and it takes a lot of cooing and sweets to get him to smile again. Since it is a waste of quality time together, Blaine usually tries to give him all the attention he needs and even more, but sometimes he has to work too. And today he is one of those times.

Leo snorts again and goes to the end of his book to check the results. He ticks off the exercise on his notebook and then casts a glance in Blaine's direction. The man sees him in the mirror and smiles at him, even though he knows Leo is still angry and will look away stubbornly, which he does.

“I know you are bored,” Blaine says. “I'm almost done.”

“I'm not bored, I'm pissed.”

Blaine smiles, but he tries to hide it. “My bad, sometimes I can't tell the difference. So, can I treat you with Swiss chocolate? There's a shop around the corner that sells it, I can have it brought to you here right away. I just have to make a call.”

Leo is still frowning, but at least he smirks. “It won't be so easy, Anderson,” he says. “And for your information, that's called bribing.”

“Bribing is such a bad word! I would say paying homage,” Blaine says. “Don't you like chocolate? I just want to make you happy.”

“No, you just want me to stop pouting.”

Blaine nods. “True, I do. But I also want to make you happy.”

Leo puts his books and notebooks back in his backpack and stares at him. “With chocolate? It's never gonna happen.”

Apparently, the kid decided the time for rehearsal is over, so Blaine can only close his script too. “Actually, I remember you were quite happy that night in Westerville with... what was it? Mint Chocolate? Or Coconut?”

Leo blushes and looks away. “That was different!” He screams. “And it won't work now, anyway.”

“Too bad. I would have loved to french kiss you sharing a piece of chocolate,” he pretends to sigh sadly. “So, what's the price for your smile today?”

Leo has evidently been thinking about it for the past three hours because he doesn't even let him finish. “I want a date,” he says and the smile he gives to Blaine is so full of pride and expectation that brights up his whole face.

“A date?”

“Yes, a date,” Leo nods. “A real one, though. Don't even think of taking me to McDonalds. I don't wanna end up surrounded by screaming kids and depressed mothers!”

“I thought you liked junk food.”

Leo nods as he carefully turns around each one of the hundreds rubbers bracelets he wears today so that it faces upward. “I love junk food. I could live on it,” he agrees. “But not today. These three hours of ignoring me call for something better.”

Blaine looks at him like he is an alien or something. A morning of some months ago Leo asked him cheeseburgers and fries for breakfast and he is notoriously allergic to maître d’hôtel and such so this request is very unusual coming from him. “Who are you and what did you do to my underage boyfriend?”

Leo chuckles. “He is here and wants to be taken in a fancy place.”

Blaine sighs, looking at him with maybe a little guilt in his eyes. “You know I can't take you to a restaurant,” he reminds him. Lima is a very small town. When it comes to fancy places, there is only one that can be really called so. If they go there, they will never go unnoticed, and that could be really bad for a lot of reasons. Even if they don't act like a couple, people will talk and stick their noses. Blaine doesn't want that kind of publicity and most of all he doesn't want to put Leo in that kind of situation, even though the kid doesn't understand what it would really mean. He just wants to be with him, after all. “But we can order and have dinner in here.”

Leo looks annoyed and disappointed. “We never go out of this room,” he says, looking away. “It's like coming to visit you in prison or something.”

“Which is exactly what you will do if someone understands what's going on here,” Blaine chuckles but Leo doesn't seem amused at all. So, Blaine squats by his armchair and passes his fingers through the boy's wild and curly hair. Every now and then Leo is up for a joke or two about their need to be secretive, but most of the times this makes him so utterly unhappy. “You know, things will change in a couple of years.”

Leo looks away and starts playing with the strings of his hoodie, which is the ultimate sign of him being sad and disappointed at the same time. A very bad combination that usually breaks Blaine's heart perfectly in half. Blaine can stand him being a little whiny, because Leo is like that. And he can stand him being disappointed, because he is a teen and that's what they are all the time. But when Leo is both, it means Blaine has really screwed it up, so he feels the need to do something and make it better.

“Alright, put on your jacket,” he nods to the coat rack, where Leo's black coat is hanging. “We are going out.”

The kid springs on his feet before he has even finished. “Where are we going?”

Blaine smiles. “It's a surprise.”


Blaine knows this place because he came here with Leo's father when they were younger, which is kind of upsetting now that he thinks about it. So he simply decides not to. He smiles at the maître who greets them politely. Blaine loves elegant, expensive restaurants because people who work there are specifically paid not to show how bad they judge their clients. Too bad clients judge each other enough to make everything uncomfortable.

Leo doesn't even notice that every single person in the room is staring at them, though. He is too busy taking in the shiny decorations of the room filled with tables for two people only.

The maître leads them to a table in the corner so they will have some privacy, but close enough to the big window so they can still see the breathtaking view of the city. Leo doesn't even know where they are, exactly. He lost track of the streets ten minutes after they left the hotel room, when Blaine got the highway heading out of town.

“Is this restaurant fancy enough?” Blaine smirks as he takes a look at the wine list.

Leo has not finished looking at everything. “Yes, it is. Dressed up people everywhere, a penguin looking waiter who doesn't chew chewing gum and a priceless menu. This place has everything it needs to be called fancy.”

Leo doesn't sit properly, he has the tendency to speak too loud especially when he talks about people in the room and he is not dressed properly for the place, but he is so damn cute as he tries to understand what a filet mignon really is that Blaine can't help but smile fondly at him. “Do you need help with your order?” Blaine asks, gently.

Leo looks up, blue eyes peeking from behind the menu. “No, thanks. I am old enough to order by myself,” he sticks his tongue out.

“Can I at least pick the dessert?” Blaine hints with a smirk.

Leo blushes and looks away. “We'll see. If you behave.”
They both chuckle as the waiter comes to take their orders.

Blaine knows there is something wrong in making that kind of jokes when he needs to take him out of town to make them, but as long as Leo looks at him and smiles, nothing can matter. And nothing does.

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