Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Adam Walker
Genere: Comedy, Angst
Avvisi: Slash, What If?, Future!Fic, OMCs
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Written for Bingo at Mari di challenge (#7 - Postcard) and for prompt #361 (A sign of hope) of 500 themes.
Note: Adam is a very funny character to write because he's really dumb even when he's totally right.

Riassunto: Leo is doing a trip around the world with Blaine. Before he left, Adam fought with him about the whole idea and now they're both pouting at the two opposite ends of the world. Then, a postcard arrives and everything changes.

It's been three weeks since Leo left for a three months trip with the so called love of his life and he didn't bother to call home once. Not that Adam would answer the phone if he did, but still. This shows perfectly well what Adam always thought about him. Leo cares for them only as long as he can't be with Blaine. As soon as the man shows up and mesmerizes Leo with his cock, they all just disappear for him.

Last time Adam saw Leo was the day before he left. And they fought.

Adam is not really proud of what they have said to each other, but he knows he was right telling him the truth about Blaine. Somebody had to, and being his best friend, that was Adam's duty. Leo is so in love that he can't see clearly. Or prefers not to, that would be a much better way to describe the situation. Every time Blaine bothers to show up, Leo forgets that he was left alone without even a call for months.

And now this trip.

Adam knows why Blaine has organized this trip around the world. He wanted to take Leo away from Cody, since the two of them had grown pretty close in the last six months. Actually, that was love. Every time Adam thinks about it, he gets really angry. Leo has always slept around a lot but never really fell in love with anyone. Never, except with Cody. Adam saw it in Leo's eyes that he cared for the boy more than he cared to admit.

But Leo broke up with Cody anyway the moment Blaine showed up. It was painful and it was unexpectedly hard for him to do it, but he did it anyway. Just a little less hardheartedly that he would have done with anyone else. And Adam couldn't help but think that if Blaine hadn't bothered to come back and ruin everything for good, maybe Leo was going to be happy and have something special with Cody.

But Adam doesn't care. He doesn't care at all. He so doesn't care that he has to say it aloud a couple of times just to let the empty apartment know too.

He is not Leo's father or brother. There's only so much he can do to avoid his heart from been stomped on and broken into millions of pieces. He tried. God knows if he tried, but Leo doesn't listen to him. So, who cares? Adam certainly doesn't.

That's when he leaves the house to go to class and he sees the postcard in the mailbox.

They don't receive much real mail, except for constant reminders of due rent payment and bills, so he immediately knows that that must be from Leo. It's a simple postcard from Barcelona. It's not even that original, showing just a few monuments and the name of the city in white capital letters. But he must admits the Sagrada Familia is really beautiful at the very center of the image. Leo must have chosen it on purpose, knowing how much he likes Gaudì's work.

That makes him angry. Not only Leo doesn't call and thinks he can fix everything with a piece of paper, but doing so he also takes the chance to throw in his face that he can visit places Adam would love to see more than he does but that he can't visit because he doesn't have wealthy parents or a disgustingly rich boyfriend. It is annoying how the whole world plots against him when he's trying to just forget Leo even exists.

It doesn't matter if the whole world means just a postcard with the worst timing ever. He is too angry to think of such matters.

Adam decides that the best punishment for Leo will be ignoring that stupid postcard all together. It's not all he deserves – he deserves to be repeatedly beaten until some sense comes into him – but it's a good compromise until he comes back. If he bothers to. So Adam throws the postcard away without even read it once.

He manages to walk three steps before running back and picking up the postcards from the trash.

Maybe this time Leo really feels guilty about what he did. Maybe he wants to apologize in advance, waiting the moment he will be back to do that again in person. It would be a double apology from Leo, the closest thing to a miracle Adam will ever experience.

“Hummel, I hope you wrote you're sorry in here,” he says aloud as he flips the postcard.
The apology is there in the mess of words Leo used to beg him not to throw the postcard before reading it.
Adam can't help but chuckle at the way their minds seem to think alike sometimes. He just wishes they agree on Blaine too. But that will take time, he thinks.

And it will take patience. Luckily, he's got plenty of that because you can't be Leonard's best friend for fourteen years without it.

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