Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Blaine Anderson, Leonard Karofsky-Hummel
Genere: Romance, Erotic.
Avvisi: Slash, Lemon, Underage, What If?, Future!Fic, OMC
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Written because of reasons and for prompt #35 (In chains) of 500 themes.
Note: I really can't write sex scenes, let alone BDSM.

Riassunto: Blaine has a week end break from a Broadway tour, so he goes back to Westerville to relax and have fun during Halloween. Little he knows that his favourite boy is gonna show up with the purrr-fect outfit, and chains will be involved.

Blaine has been preparing this for almost a month, now.
When you work seven days a week for five months straight, Halloween can look like the most exciting day of the year even if you're almost forty, if it's the only free day you will have till the end of the year. His tour is going great and he is happy about it. He is particularly happy that his career didn't encounter a critical point after Timmy's birth and that he continues to be one of the most requested actors on Broadway, but he really needs a break. A real seventy-two hours break, Friday to Sunday with time enough to catch up with everything that is going on in his life again. Starting with clubbing. God, he missed the Prince of Persia. He missed the nights of freedom, going out at sundown and coming back home at sunrise with a stranger's number written on his left buttock. After months of work and concentration, of being so focused and into his part to not have time left for anything else, he feels the need to let himself loose in order to be back and ready for two other months of playing Scar in a very modern and bold version of The Lion King.
He brought Timmy to his grandparents and he has all planned out. Tonight he will knock himself out at the club. He wants to do everything: drink too much, dance too much, pop down pills like he was twenty again and hope to avoid an heartache for another year or two. Maybe even fuck, if it comes to that. He will come back home at five, sleep through Saturday morning, get in the car by lunch time and be in Lima around two o'clock in the afternoon, in time to pick up Leo from school and spend the rest of his break with him. The kid doesn't even know he's back in town, so his surprised face will be worth the months of waiting.
Obviously, as he changes into his Halloween costume, all his hopes and dreams are crashed.
When the doorbell rings, he just sighs and grabs the bucket of candy to give to the kids from the kitchen counter. There are a lot of families in the neighborhood and in the past few years everybody had kids, so there has been a little candies-seeker toddlers army invading his street for Halloween. He doesn't care much for other people's kids, but he would never open the door and tell them he has nothing to give them. It's just not proper Halloween's spirit. Plus, gorgeous moms are the perfect audience to test his costume on. "Trick or treat?"
But when he opens the door there aren't cute kids from the next door nor the always eager to hug him MILF he was hoping for. On the doorstep there's Leo, wearing a costume Blaine is not sure he wants to recognize. It is so twisted from the original that it looks like the kind of wrong that it's also terribly good. He's got some dark purple skinny jeans on that happen to hang on his hips for dear life and they are so incredibly low that the lilac line of his underwear can be seen underneath. Blaine knows how they stretch on the ass, because he knows how Leo's ass is and those pants are just painted on it. The shirt is tight too. It is some sort of military jacket with short sleeves, the same color of his pants, with golden buttons and shoulder patches. There must be an headband lost in Leo's messy black curls and on it two furry ears.
"What are you supposed to be?" That's the first thing Blaine can come up with, even if he knows the answer. Saying something smart is out of the question when he needs all his concentration to look away from Leo's crooked belt that makes a perfect curve on his hip. And he can't do even that, so.
When Leo smirks, it's clear why there was no need for him to paint his lips to mimic a certain crescent smile. His lips are perfectly able to do the trick themselves. "Wanna do a double take?" He says, amused. "Given that you manage to look away, first."
Blaine snorts. "At least you've got a costume that matches your personality," he says.
"I can say the same for you."
Blaine can't help but laugh. Since he's wearing nothing but a pair of harem pants for his sex slave's costume, he has to agree with him."You are right. I must admit, though, that I had never seen a Cheshire Cat quite like you. How come you are here?"
“You don't see me for weeks and that's all you can say?” Leo asks, his voice is still mocking though, so Blaine knows he is not really mad.
“You didn't know I was back.”
“I know everything, my father is working on Broadway too, remember?” Leo shrugs. “He told me you had a break.”
Blaine takes mentally note of his foolishness. Of course, Kurt knew. “How come he told you? I thought he wanted you as far away from me as humanly possible.”
“Oh, he does. He just let it slip and once the news was out, there was very little he could do to take it back. I was already packing.”
Blaine can imagine Leo taking his emergency bag from under the bed, a little backpack he keeps ready in case he has to jump on the first train and seize the opportunity to be with him, wherever he is.
“What if I wasn't home? I could have stayed in New York. It's a three days break, after all.”
“I took my chances. If you hadn't been home, I would have gone back to Lima and hated you forever.”
“Of course you would,” Blaine chuckles. Leo has the tendency to hate very easily, especially him.
“So, can I come in, now? I'm freezing outside.”
Blaine moves aside and half bows comically. “Please,” he says. As Leo passes him, Blaine notices the Cheshire Cat's tail, swinging behind Leo's back. “Oh my God, you've got a tail too,” he whines, desperately. Now he just wants to rip off all Leo's clothes and have him there.
“I am a cat, ain't I?”
“Is it a built-in tail or is it stuck somewhere?” Blaine smirks.
Leo doesn't turn so he can hide the fact that he is suddenly blushing. “Oh, you'd like that,” he chuckles. “But no, it's just stitched to my pants.”
“What a pity!” Blaine sighs, dramatically.
Leo takes possession of the couch and eats some of the candies Blaine keeps in a bowl. “So, when are you going to tell me why you clearly didn't have any intention to call me, tonight?”
Blaine frowns and joins him on the couch. “Why are you so sure about that?”
“Your costume,” Leo nods to Blaine's naked chest. He acts like it's no big deal but Blaine can recognize the dark shadow he sees in his eyes because he has seen it before so many times. “You are going to the Prince of Persia, aren't you?”
Blaine sighs. “Not now that you are here,” he says. He grabs one of Leo's ankles and strokes it fondly.
Leo kicks his boots off and rests both of his legs on Blaine's. “We can go, if you want.”
“Nah, we can have our party here.”
Leo looks at him with the expression of a person who knows exactly what's going on in your mind. “You wanted to go crazy, tonight.” He says that as if he doesn't need any proof.
Blaine never lies, so he nods. “I wanted some sort of freedom. It's been a tough period,” he says. “I just wanted to get loose. But I was going to pick you up at school tomorrow and stay with you in Lima till Sunday evening.”
Leo is not satisfied with the explanation. Whatever keeps Blaine from running to him as soon as he's got free time still screams of cheating in his head, but he knows very well that if he prompts this up now, they are going to fight and he doesn't want that. So he nods and clears his throat. This is enough to let Blaine knows he's just dropping it. “So, what with that costume?” He asks, nonchalantly. “I didn't know you were the slave type.”
“Why not?” Blaine chuckles.
Leo shrugs. “I don't know. It just doesn't seem you.” But then he doesn't get to see Blaine when he's away, so maybe a slave is exactly what he is.
Blaine shows him his cuffed hands, there's a long chain between them going from one wrist to the other. Leo laughs. “Oh, I see. That's why. You want to be chained.”
“Well, I wasn't going out purposely to be chained, but it would have been a pleasant thing.” He pushes Leo's pants up his ankles to show more skin. Both of them know where this is going, there's no need to say it aloud.
“If you say so.”
Blaine smirks at him. “Do you wanna try?”
Leo just stares at him for the longest moment ever. He always fears that question a little, because it's always followed by him doing something very embarrassing. But he usually ends up loving whatever Blaine proposes, so the hesitation is never really serious. Just an automatic reaction to anything new. “Why being chained should be good?” He asks, his constant need for detailed information instantly kicking in. “What's interesting and sexy in being restrained?”
“The thrill of the whole being captive for whatever reason set up,” Blaine says, letting go of Leo's legs and kneeling on the couch. “The enhanced pleasure of wanting more and not being able to get it,” he continues. His voice is suddenly low and incredibly sexier. This would be enough for Leo to even forget the question, but Blaine does even more and slowly slides on him with his body, until his lips are inches away from Leo's. “And last but not least, the unquestionably practical benefit of complete abandon, when you let someone else do all the job.” Blaine kisses his nose and lips, and smiles a little. “But that's something you do all the time, so maybe you're not interested into that.”
Leo pouts, offended. He hits Blaine on his shoulder. “Shut up!”
Blaine laughs amused, and he kisses him tenderly. “I didn't say it was a bad thing.”
“You were implying it.”
“I wasn't,” Blaine gives him another quick kiss on the lips and yet another. “So, do you wanna give it a try or not? It's not mandatory, but it could be fun. Plus, being chained and tortured fits the spirit of Halloween.”
“Tortured?” The way Leo's eyes can turn twice bigger when he's worried is always exhilarating.
Blaine takes his time to bite and lick at his neck a couple of times before clarifying. “In a totally non-painful, non-bloody, all-pleasurable manner. I promise.”
“Fine.” Leo sighs as if this were a favor he was doing to Blaine, but Blaine doesn't mind. This was exactly what he was aiming for: it's even funnier to blow Leo's mind with something after he explicitly showed he wasn't convinced of it at all.
“Good,” Blaine jumps up and reaches out for him. “Come on. Stand up.”
“What? Why?” Leo whines, frowning. “Can't we do it here?”
Blaine chuckles and pulls him up by his wrists. “There's nothing to chain you to, here,” he says as he gently pushes him forward towards the bed. “Come on.”
Leo unwillingly stumbles to what's considered Blaine's bedroom.
Actually, the only real room of the house with a door is the bathroom, the rest of the house is a big open space, decorated by the gayest interior designer ever. So, the bedroom is just a corner where the bed is, separated from everything else by a weird bookcase filled only with books of the same color. The only thing that makes it cool is the fact that Blaine's bed is huge. It's the biggest bed Leo has ever seen, with the coolest and strongest headboard ever, which basically makes the most perfect place to have sex for Leo. He fell in love with it the first moment he saw it the year before and he's been in love with it ever since. How could he possibly have forgotten how the mere sight of it excites him? He was about to have sex on a couch just for the sake of not moving his ass. His laziness is really getting out of control.
Leo lets himself fall spread on the bed as Blaine chuckles, taking off his handcuffs. “Do we need to role play?”
“Do you feel like it?” The man asks, passing the chain behind the bar of the headboard.
Leo shrugs. “What would you be? A slave trader?”
Blaine climbs on the bed and kneels beside him. “Give me your hands,” he says. “I was thinking something more on the line of me being some rich man and you being a slave that has been given to me as a gift.”
Leo looks at him as he proceeds to close the handcuffs around his wrists. “Am I happy to be given around like this?”
Blaine shakes his head slowly. “Of course not,” he says, his voice low and triggering again, as he lowers his mouth on Leo's neck again. “You were a free kid just months ago. You were wrongly imprisoned and then sold to someone who brought you to me. You're so pissed.”
Leo is mildly amused to see how far Blaine can go with the storytelling just to get laid, but he can't say anything about it because Blaine's kisses are too warm and wet on his skin to form any coherent thoughts. “And I guess I hate you,” he suggests.
Blaine nods, going back up where Leo's lips are and kissing them. “You do, until I put my hands on you,” he explains. One of his hands slips under his t-shirt and caresses his hip. “Then you hate me even more because you like it and you don't want to say it.”
Leo's body stretches under Blaine's hands and he tries to reach out to touch something too, but he can't. He pulls at his restrains and feels the chain slides around the headboard bars with a cold, metallic sound. Weirdly enough, he shivers.
“Don't move,” Blaine says. He looks at him with darker, lustful eyes and Leo can't look away. “It's easier when you don't fight it.”
The way Blaine speaks to him makes Leo's stomach tighten. It's not hard to imagine the whole set up, the richly furnished room of some powerful man in a country that he doesn't know, so far away from home. “What if I don't want to be here?” He says, playing along.
Blaine chuckles in the mean way only he can pull off because he's an actor. “It doesn't matter at all what you want,” he states. He backs off just to look at him for a moment. “Now, what do we have here?”
He starts unbuttoning Leo's military jacket. For every button undone he leaves a kiss, his whole body slowly sliding downward, making Leo restless.
“Stop it. Let me free,” he moans in a so unconvincing way that nobody would believe he is more than consenting to all this.
“I've not even started, kiddo.”
Leo is not very good at playing the angry slave. He forgets to pull at the chains that restrain him, and he just loves the way Blaine takes possession of his body, doing whatever he pleases. He's not the right guy for the role, but none of them care too much, as Blaine loves to take care of him as much as Leo likes to be taken care of. He likes to mock him, though. “Aren't you supposed to hate to be chained?” He whispers to Leo's ears.
Leo nods vaguely, his eyes close. “Of course I do,” he moans, moving his hands a little.
“Oh, I certainly see that,” Blaine smiles.
This would be the case in which Leo gets offended because he's being mocked, but this time he can't because Blaine sticks his tongue in his navel and plays with it, and Leo can't be bothered to be angry at all. He pushes his tummy up to give him more access, so Blaine is forced to stop and dedicates himself to something else. “If you want it, then I can't give it to you,” he says.
“Oh, come on!” Leo whines.
Blaine shakes his head while his skillful hands unfasten Leo's belt and undo his zip. “Play along,” he admonishes him, playfully.
Leo snorts and complains a little first, but when he goes back to play the slave, his acting is improved a lot because his frustration and anger are real. He tries to move away from Blaine but the man keeps him in place, handling him not so carefully as he pulls down his pants and underpants. “Where do you think you're going?” He asks, sitting on Leo's legs and pinning him down on the mattress.
Blaine is not really weighing on him but the feeling of constriction is real enough to make Leo's heart beat faster. He growls and hisses and pulls at the chains.
“Now, that's better,” Blaine murmurs, his lips grazing along the skin of Leo's neck up to his ear. “Do you want me to touch you?”
“No,” Leo groans.
Blaine lets his hand slide between his legs and palm him, forcing a liquid moan out of Leo's mouth. “Are you sure?”
“No... I mean, yes,” Leo breaths out, but he pushes his hips upward nonetheless, standing on the tip of his toes when Blaine retrieves his hand, chuckling.
“Yes or no?” The man asks. “You must be precise. I have to know if you want this or not.”
For Leo being clear about what he wants and what he doesn't want is already hard enough in normal conditions. Reverse psychology is not exactly his thing, so he actually needs to focus to understand what's the right answer here. He wants Blaine's hands on himself badly, so it must be a no. “No,” he swallows, trying hard not to push his hips up again.
Blaine is having a hard time not to laugh when he goes back touching him and Leo lets out the most genuine sigh of relief he has ever heard from him. His fingers close around Leo's cock and he starts stroking him slowly, following the rhythm of Leo's already labored breathing. At some point, Leo starts to move his hips accordingly but Blaine doesn't let him.
“Don't move,” he says.
Leo whines again but he obeys, and his complaints melt into moans when Blaine bends over to kiss and bite at every inch of skin he can reach. Leo's wrists pull at the restraints with frustration. He needs to touch something, at least for the time being if not all the time, because letting Blaine do all the job is one thing, but being helpless while Blaine touches him is torture.
He closes his eyes and tries to concentrate on something else, partly because he does need a distraction or he's going crazy, partly because he doesn't want to give in to him so easily, even though he's pretty sure he's doing a shitty job in that regard. The wave of pleasure that mounts from between his legs right now has taken over his perception, and the only thing that matters is Blaine's hand stroking him steadily. The need to move is a strong drum beat in the back of his head that never stops.
When suddenly Blaine slows down, Leo struggles to open his eyes and focus on him. He just opens his mouth to pretest – completely oblivious of the orders he received earlier – but Blaine is ready to sign him to shut up, just before he slides even lower and puts his mouth when his hand was. The utter curse that escapes Leo's lips is almost hilarious. Suddenly, there's nothing but the wet and warm feeling of Blaine's lips and tongue around his cock. There was nothing before and probably there won't be anything else after.
That's when Blaine is forced to keep Leo's hips down to avoid chocking more than for the roleplay's sake. When he manages to get the hand of this restless kid desperately trying to disappear in his mouth as much as he can, he also manages to set the pace to one that is actually bearable to him, then he closes his eyes and he focuses on the task at hand, knowing very well Leo won't take his eyes off for anything in the world.
In fact, Leo is looking very intently at him. He can't help it. That's something fascinating in what Blaine is doing. He doesn't know if it's because of the pleasure or because he finds the idea of oral sex disgusting, and like what happens with roadkills he can't look away. Maybe it's a combination of the two things. He can't resolve to do the same for Blaine, but he can't look away if Blaine's doing it, even if the idea of Blaine having his cock in his mouth freaks him out on certain levels.
Lost in his own mind, he forgets they are supposed to be roleplaying. Actually, he forgets they are supposed to go all the way too. Pulling at his restraints, he just lets himself go to Blaine's ministration, feeling himself sliding in his mouth every time he moves his hips.
That's why Blaine is forced to stop and back off, chuckling. “Slow down, kiddo,” he says. “I plan to be in you when it happens.”
Leo lets out a little growl. “Then why don't you enter in me, already!” He spits out. Then he realizes what he has just said and blushes furiously.
Blaine chuckles again. “My, my. Dirty talking from you. Now I've seen them all.”
Leo frowns. “Shut up”.
Blaine laughs again, but then he leans on him, sensually. “Have you had enough of the chains already?” He asks, with a playful kiss on Leo's nose. It's not a question, he almost knows for sure.
In fact, Leo nods. “Can we just...?”
Blaine sighs, but he's more amused than annoyed. “Roleplay is not your thing, isn't it?” He says, freeing him from his fake chains. Leo doesn't answer and doesn't give him the time to say anything else. As soon as his hands are free to move, he hooks them behind Blaine's neck, bringing him closer and making their bodies collide. They both moan, then Blaine sits down and drags him into his lap. They hurriedly settle, unable to take off their hands from each other. They don't speak as Blaine enters in him with one single thrust. They don't speak as Leo understands and follows Blaine's rhythm immediately. They don't speak during those few minutes when neither of them know where he is and all that matters is the point where their bodies connect. The first sound they speak is a shared sigh against each other skin.
More like a cat now that he is naked than when he had his costume on, Leo snuggles closer to Blaine and hides his face in his neck, seeking warmth and cuddles.
Slave to the kid, less free than he was before, Blaine just hugs him and leaves a kiss on the top of his head.

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