Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Leo, Cody
Verse: Leoverse: BDSM
Genere: -
Avvisi: BDSM, slash
Rating: NSFW
Prompt: Written for thINKtober 2018 (1.control)
Note: -

Summary: Leo is not used to deny himself something if he can have it.
(that I don't have)

It's all a matter of control, Blaine had said. Everything must be in your hands at any given time. Not only the scene that you're playing, but your emotions and those of your sub as well. You decide what he gets, what he doesn't get and what he must feel about anything. Cody is not only yours to use for pleasure, but yours to make, to mold and shape into something you like. Telling Cody what to do and how to do it is not a problem. Leo always knows what he wants from him and he likes giving orders, but when it comes to control himself, that's another story. Leo is not used to deny himself something if he can have it.

Bent over the armrest of the couch, his naked ass up in the air and his arms tied behind his back, Cody moans again, asking him, please, to take him. He will be good, he promises, he will never disobey again. Leo knows he will, so he can't cave in and give him attention, let alone touch him in any way. He's supposed to be occupied with something else, but his eyes wander. He's supposed not to care for his sub's body lying there and ready to be taken, but he is restless. He's supposed to control himself, but he's hard. In moments like these he truly wonders who exactly is punishing whom.

He stands up, walks the room and gives Cody's ass a hard, quick spank before groping it possessively. Red, he thinks to himself. If Cody won't call it, he will. It's been two hours already and that's all he can take. He might not be that good at controlling himself, he grins as he unzips his pants, but he's always willing to keep trying.

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