Fandom: !Fanfiction, Glee
Personaggi: Kurt, Dave
Genere: Introspettivo
Avvisi: Slash, spoiler S2, drabble.
Rating: PG 13
Prompt: Scritte per il Sillabario di maridichallenge.
Note: Le drabble sono collegate dalla loro controparte grafica, che lavora sulle stesse parole ed รจ un bel poster con tutte le faccette di Dave (cliccateci sopra per ingradirlo). Le drabble non sono collegate fra loro, tranne la P e la Q che vanno lette insieme.

Riassunto: Pretty much, Dave.

Accepting himself won't be easy. Dave is not quite there yet. He hardly even speaks the word aloud. He can't believe it's real. These things always happen to others. Not him. He isn't gay. Kurt is helping, though. He accepted him long before. So eventually, Dave will follow his lead.

Bully Whips
This anti-bully club was Santana's idea, but now he kinda like it too. It gives him a way to work off his tension without getting in trouble and to fix what he did wrong for so long. He knows it will took time to redeem himself, but it's a start.

Getting out of the closet isn't an option. Dave doesn't feel ready and won't listen to anybody saying he should admit it. In fact, he doesn't know if that's the truth. He's going to stay inside until he figures it out. But it feels good to take a peek sometimes.

Duke Stud
He has never been the ladies' man. He had only a couple of girlfriends. But when Santana asks him out, he feels the need to play confident, which he's absolutely not. Maybe it's how he says it, but she doesn't fall for it. And this is where it all begins.

Dave has questions but he doesn't ask because then everybody would notice him and that would be it. Maybe it will turn out he is not gay, so he shouldn't really participate. Fortunately, Kurt comes to these PFLAG meetings with him and waits whatever it'll take for him to speak.

Football is the only thing that makes sense in his life anymore. That's why he wants to be part of the team and get along with the guys. Football is something he is respected for. It's a part of him. He only wishes he could show the rest of him.

Glee Club
Dave can't find him anywhere. Fancy's gonna hear him. He has told him to wait for a reason, he shouldn't be running around, making himself a target for bullies. Eventually, he finds him on stage, singing his heart out.
"You're good," Dave admits.
Kurt smiles and he blushes. "Like you didn't know."

He doesn't like the H-word, unless he is mocking people. A very petty part of him believes in hiding the truth by yelling it at others. Dave feels bad when Kurt cries, but he must protect himself. It's him or Kurt, he doesn't know there is a way out. Yet.

Kurt thinks Dave's behavior is son of ignorance but there's fear on his face after the kiss. The lively bright flame in his eyes screams nothing but sheer horror for something he likes. Kurt can only stare him back with the same expression. Something is off and both know it.

Dave can't think easily outside his box. His clique gives him strength and the safer identity available. He can't stop being a jock. But he can't stop being his new self either. So Kurt has to learn how to deal with a chubby guy who sweats too much, after all.


Dave is mesmerized by Kurt swinging his hips down the hallways. He can't avert his eyes whenever he's around. So he pushes him to make him stop fucking with his head. Then it turns out it works better if Dave makes Kurt's hips swing. And the hallways are safe again.

Letterman Jacket
Dave is getting dressed in the locker room.
"I see you're back in disguise, Clark Kent," Kurt smiles in the doorway. "Make sure to find a phone booth on the way to my house tonight. PFLAG meeting, five o'clock." Dave sighs and Kurt kisses him quickly. "But leave the jacket on."

The school is a little ecosystem of its own. Science isn't exactly his thing but he can still picture McKinley as some sort of wild place with predators and preys. And unless he finds a way to turn sheep into wolves, he'll keep showing his fangs and pretend to growl.

Never Been Kissed
Dave thinks that Kurt's too close, talks too much and speaks too much truth. He kisses him because he doesn't know what he's doing. He draws back because he suddenly does. Then he sees Kurt's face and it's not so bad to be gay. It just bad to be himself.

"It's hard to find cufflinks in Lima," Kurt says. Dave doesn't know what cufflinks are - they sound dirty, though - but nods so Kurt knows he's listening. As Kurt gives him more shopping bags to carry, he sadly wonders if he has came out just for this. And sighs.

Prom King
Once upon a time there was a king, smiling he walked in to greet his crowd. But as happy as he was to be their king, he couldn't even think to wear his crown. Its weight seemed way too much to bear, for he was holding back something he felt.

...and Queen
Then there was the queen to him so dear, shining brightly in her fancy black new kilt. She looked at him and said: “My dear, it's time for you to get rid of your guilt.”
“I can't,” he said, so helplessly poor thing, and left his lovely queen without a king.

When the slushie hits his face, Dave knows he has hit rock bottom. He knows the slushied place in the social pyramid, he was on top before Glee Club and the half time show came in. But he won't lose his name. Singing is for pussies. And he's not one.

Dave can only look at her with respect. She's an evil mastermind and she's mean, two things he can use right now suffering, as he is, of this temporary lack of organization. He admires her, even though she's actually blackmailing him. She's exciting more than threatening, so he says yes.

Dave watches his team dance in front of the whole school with the glee club. This is insane. Everybody will definitely be a loser by tomorrow. It's gonna be bad. But the end of his world never seemed so much fun before. And it won't be tomorrow until tomorrow, right?

Irony is a bitch. He doesn't know why he feels so damn alive only now that he's playing a dead corpse. Maybe it's because when he looks up at the bleachers, Kurt's there, clawing his long, elegant fingers in the air, somehow dancing with him. And it feels so good.

Dave doesn't wake up planning to make Kurt's life a living hell. He makes pretty wet dreams about him, so he doesn't want to shove him anywhere when he wakes up. But at school, pushing is the only way he's supposed to touch him. Otherwise it'd be a social suicide.

What is your problem?
People keep asking what the problem is because nobody can figure it out. Guess what? Neither can he. Everything he does or feel doesn't make any sense to him. Then Kurt storms in the locker room asking the same question and Dave gives him the most sincere answer of all.

Xtraordinary Ordinary
Dave likes to be ordinary but not too much, in a be-like-the-others-but-just-slightly-better sort of way. He doesn't want to be singled out for something, let alone for liking boys. Then Kurt comes along, and extraordinary takes a whole new meaning, which is really ordinary after all. And he likes it.

Dave shouts to scare him off because he feels the urge to do something insane. Panic runs through his throat with painful force, it explodes out of his lips and he can't stop it. But Kurt's not scared enough and Dave's feelings take charge, leaving them both gasping for air.

Zero Tolerance
The suspension is a wake up call. His father's so disappointed, Dave swears to fix things with Kurt. But Kurt's gone before he can apologize, leaving him alone with the consequences of what he did. This is where Santana finds him and puts him back together from A to Z.

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