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The name we hold back

Tabata | 22/01/2014
Categorie: !Fanfiction, Shadowhunters
Personaggi: Will Herondale, Charlotte Branwell, Jem Carstairs
Genere: Intrsopective, Drama
Avvisi: Pre-slash, Angst
Rating: PG-13
Note: I've cried on the third book of this series for, like, three days and I swore I would never write anything about Will and Jem because it hurt too much. Well, yeah. Apparently, I wrote something about them. *cough*
I don't remember if this fits with the canon or not, but see if I care.
Prompt: Written for the Purple Army during the Cow-t #4 @ maridichallenge (prompt: blood)

Riassunto: Jem has been sick for days, but he didn't tell Will. When things get worse, tho, he reaches out to Will and they both realize how little they're prepared to say goodbye to each other.