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Tabata | 21/11/2014
Categorie: !Fanfiction, Glee
Pairing: ,
Personaggi: Leo, Blaine, Timothy, Matt
Verse: Broken heart syndrome
Genere: /
Avvisi: Fluff, Slash, Slice of life.
Rating: PG
Prompt: Written for the WRPG (Mission 02: Hospitality, Industry)
Note: So, apparently, this is the new trend. I'm writing a story that falls into the Glee category without actually being a fanfiction of Glee anymore, and while it pretends to be a fanfiction when it's really an original story, it almost actually becomes an Homestuck fic.

Riassunto: Leo's having Matt over for Christmas, and this generates an incredible amount of extra craziness in the Anderson Karofsky-Hummel household, because Leo gets in a frenzy, Blaine has to bear with the knowledge that Matt and his husband live in a world of their own where nobody else is allowed, and Timmy is just curious to meet this insanely tall human being.

The Possum Strategy

Tabata | 14/11/2014
Categorie: !Fanfiction, Glee
Pairing: ,
Personaggi: Leo, Matt
Verse: Broken heart syndrome
Genere: Drama
Avvisi: Angst
Rating: R
Prompt: Written for the WRPG (Mission 01: Purple, Green, Indigo)
Note: Since writing about Kurt and Dave's son instead of actually writing about them, and deciding Blaine has a story with said teenage boy wasn't enough, Leo and Matt (both original characters) usually cosplay, roleplay and generally talk about Homestuck. This entire verse is a mess. Have fun!

Riassunto: Leo's having a very rough time, as it more and more often happens these days. He feels like he needs a break, and the only break he can afford to take right now is with his friend Matt in New York.